The measurements of pressure, humidity, and temperature (PHT) and the transimission of the collected data represents a crucial task for on-field monitoring. For these reasons, we develop PHT sensors for different applications.

PHT 1.1-S

The PHT 1.1-S is our solution is developed to ensure the real-time data acquisition and small footprint to act as point sensors.

The sensing elements selected for our device are the iST (Innovative Sensor Technology) HYT 271 for humidity and temperature measurements, and the AP413-200KG for pressure monitoring.

The sensing devices communicate by means of i2c protocol. i2c  is a serial communication protocol allowing the data transfer among two devices (master and slave) on a single communication channel (SDA), while a clock line (SCLK) sets the communication timing. This protocol is easy to use, safe and robust, with multiple divece connected (up to 126) on the same transfer channel.



PHT 1.1-C

Real-world applications require the possibility to install multiple sensing devices close to detection hotspot in order to exploit these point sensors to map the environment. With this aim, the sensors should be easy to install in situ and should provide a solid platform for data communication.

 The PHT 1.1-C includes the sensing capabilities of the PHT 1.1-S inside a rugged but compact box equipped with the dedicated communication board.

The selected master device is a ESP 12-E NodeMCU 1.0 board, equipped with the i2c interface, two SPI interface and a WiFi 802.11 b/g/n module for wireless communication. To ensure real-time data communication, a dedicated Web Server is developed by means of the NodeMCU boards of each sensor. An additional board is used as client and is configured as access point for the sensor network, ensuring the local communication over WiFi.